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sharon wilber

Sharon Wilber

Founder and Owner

Sharon Wilber, founder and owner of Laser Regeneration, has always been attuned to emerging technologies. For 20 years, she has been involved in leading edge technologies with companies such as, Toshiba, Motorola, HP, IBM, and Microsoft . For five years, she was a senior manager for Novell, a technology company heavily invested in L.A.N. development and deployment. Immediately prior to starting up Laser Regeneration, Sharon was Director of Business Development for U.K. based start-up, Red-M, which develops Bluetooth and WIFI Internet products.

When she saw the potential of laser-based skin care and remediation, she was excited.

“Age Spots, Spider Veins, skin blemishes, unwanted, or excess hair are not cosmetic issues. They are issues of self-confidence and esteem which can affect personality development and restrict one’s opportunities to achieve personal life goals,” Sharon continues. “The ability to remedy some of these persistent problems with a painless, non-invasive therapy allows me to make a significant contribution to my clients’ lives.”

As a longtime resident of Tyrone, Georgia, it made immediate sense to open her first clinic in that growing ex-urban community.

“Tyrone is my home and Fayette County is where my family and friends live,” Sharon says. “The people with whom I wanted to first share the benefits of this exciting technology live right here, where I practice.”

Sharon attended numerous Certification Courses with Candela prior to opening Laser Regeneration, and is a Certified Practitioner in the Gentle Lase family of technologies, including GentleYAG, GentleLase Smooth Beam, and Vbeam laser applications.

“I believe anyone undergoing laser therapy be fully advised in all aspects of the procedure before I take them on as a client,” Sharon explains. “Laser therapy is not for everyone and is not a panacea or cure-all. It is a very specific technology involving intense light in different spectra. In the right application, it works wonders!”

Dr. Jack Cheng

Dr. Cheng

Leading Expect in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging

Dr. Jack Cheng, M.D. completed his residency and fellowship training in preventative medicine at Emory University and received his PhD in Toxicology from the University of Cincinnati. He is currently a teaching physician in the Dept. of Family and Preventative Medicine at Emory School of Medicine. Dr. Cheng is a diplomat and board-certified member of the American Board of Preventative Medicine as well as member of the American Societies of Laser Medicine and Surgery and Non-surgical Aesthetics. In addition, Dr. Cheng is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Jeff Tissue

Business Advisor

Jeff Tissue is a Certified Surgical Practitioner with nearly 20 years of experience in medical technology. He has been involved in medical laser technology since 1999 and has been a Clinical Educator for Candela Corporation for nine years. Jeff brings with him a wealth of experience and clinical knowledge in the field of medical lasers and serves as a consultant for Candela Corporation.

Mark H. Shames

Financial Advisor

Mark H. Shames is a seasoned financial planner and consultant with more than 15 years of experience in providing financial products to the public. His expertise is in financial, investment, estate, and retirement planning. He is currently a consultant with United Community Advisory Services with an office in Fairburn and Tyrone, Georgia.

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