GentleLase Hair Removal

Ultimately Smoother Skin

Experience our safe and effective hair removal method that will eventually eliminate your need to shave. GentleLase hair removal works by sliding laser pulses across areas of the skin with excessive hair growth. The laser halts all hair follicle growth, leading to the shedding of the hair in the week following treatment.

Ideal candidates for the GentleLase Hair Removal laser include:

  • Individuals who suffer from excessive amounts of hair growth
  • Clients with dark hair and light skin, not tanned or darker pigmented skin
  • Individuals who repeatedly suffer from razor burn, shaving bumps or ingrown hairs

Expect Excellent Results

Following your treatment, your hair will begin to shed from your body, since the laser has effectively disabled the follicle at the root. After five treatments, 90% or more of the hair will be gone, and the hair that does remain is significantly lighter and thinner than before treatment..

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Why Choose Us?

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